Instructors: My Homepage

1. Manage: Course list in My Courses

Organize the list of courses on your D2L homepage by semester or term.

  1. Select the semester or course group you wish to view, located under My Courses (use arrows to find older semesters). Bar with the chronological list of of semesters, discover courses, pinned courses and all


  2. Only the courses in that selection will be visible on your homepage.

2. Manage: Find and pin your courses

The course selector allows you to search for and pin any of your course sites for quick access.

  1. Click the Course Selector icon in the main navbar. Circled icon for the Course Selector.


  2. Either search for your course name, or scroll the list to find it. You can pin courses to the top of this list for easy access using the Pin icon to the right of the course name. 

    Displays Course Selector search box and pin icon (both circled).


  3. Select the course name to open the course site.

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