Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a third-party software designed to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous communication between users.

Instructors can add the Teams widget to the Course Home in D2L to make accessing Teams more convenient. Create a channel within Teams to post messages (i.e., “conversations”) and receive replies from anyone included in that channel. Use the chat feature to send messages to select users.

Note: D2L Consulting does not provide support for Microsoft Teams (aside from adding and removing the Teams widget from the Course Home in D2L). If you need assistance with creating a channel, managing settings, troubleshooting, etc. in Teams, please contact the 24/7 Support Center. Your question will be directed to the appropriate team.

You might use Teams to:

  • Keep an ongoing Q&A channel open for questions about the course (allows you to crowdsource questions among students)
  • Host virtual office hours (via video, chat, or general channel)
  • Devote a space to conversations around / during a specific lecture (asynchronous or synchronous)

Teams does NOT:

  • replace Assignments, Discussions, or other D2L tools and external learning tools
  • measure participation or performance, as it cannot sort or filter out responses from a single user or export statistics

Please see our help pages about Assignments and Discussions to find out more about how these tools can better suit your needs for measuring participation and other grading criteria.

Microsoft Teams widget on the right side of the Course Home showing a "Create Course Team" button