ReadSpeaker, a cloud-based program that converts text to speech, is now integrated into D2L and enabled for the University of Arizona. 

ReadSpeaker consists of two interfaces: docReader and webReader.

DocReader is located in Content whenever a topic is created as a Word or Pdf document.

  • To open a document with docReader, open the document in the Topic, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Open with docReader. docReader located between Print and Alternative formats.

WebReader is located at the top of HTML webpages in the following tools: Content, Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes

  • To start webReader, select the button in the icon at the top of the page that says ListenListen button to click for webReader

Note: To get WebReader in Quizzes to read any text in Quiz Sections, currently the quiz taker must highlight the section text, and a mini version of readspeaker will appear for them to click. This feature might not work with the Safari browser.

Additional Menus

Both docReader and webReader have additional menus for optimizing accessibility.

  • The menu for docReader is located across the top of a document once it is opened.From left to right at bottom of tool bar: Settings, Page Mask, Reading Ruler, Download document
    • The Settings icon opens up into General Settings that include Reading Speed and Menu Language, Highlighting Settings and Text Mode Settings.
  • The settings menu for webReader opens by selecting the webReader menu (hamburger icon) to the left of the Listen button. The box says "undefined" when scrolling over it
    • Reading Voice offers choices in gender, variety of English and vocal style. Reading Voices: Male, Female each from Australia, UK, and US. Further Settings: Click and Listen, Enlarge Text, Text Mode, Page Mask, Download mp3, help