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1. About: Media Library

Access media creation, storage and streaming for all audiovisual materials via Media Library. 

Media Library is a new tool that enables users to store, stream, and create audio and visual materials in one place. To access it, click on the Admin Tools icon (settings gear) next to your D2L Profile icon. 

Admin Tools Options

You can perform the following actions using the improved Media Library tool:

  • Create video and audio files

  • Filter content based upon audiovisual type.

  • Update file information, such as the title and description.

  • Edit video timelines using the editor.

  • Add chapters to video content.

  • Create manual and automated captions for video content.

  • Download audiovisual content to a device.

  • Preview content.

  • Delete files.



2. Create: Record Video or Audio Content via Webcam

Users now have the choice to record audio only with the Media Player Webcam.

*Under Construction*



3. Search: Content with Improved Filters

Locate audio-visual content using the new filters in Media Library.

  • (NEW)Content Type: Audio, Video, or Both

  • (NEW)Source: Where content was added from. Multiple filters can be selected. Filters include:

    • Content - Uploaded from the Content tool

    • Media Library - Uploaded or created in Media Library

    • Audio or Video Note - Content created in Audio or Video Note

    • Imported - Added from course imports

    • Other - Content added prior to the addition of source tracking

  • Date Modified

    • Note: Changes to Date Deleted on the Recycle Bin screen.

  • Date Created

*Under Construction*


4. View: Scrolling Captions

View/download transcripts from audio-video content in Media Library with Transcript View. 

Transcript View enables the viewing of video file playback with scrolling captions.

*Under Construction*


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