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About this Course:

This course is intended for checking student coursework ONLY - this includes dissertations and theses if enrolled in a course.

Please use the following steps to register for the course:

  1. Log into D2L at
  2. Select the Discover link located in the red banner near the top of the screen.Discover course link circled on D2L my homepage


  3.   Type Turnitin in the search box and either press Return (Enter) or select the magnifying glass to start the search.

    screenshot of Search box with turnitin typed in and arrow pointing to magnifying glass


  4. You should see the Turnitin: Check your work course in the list. If you don't see it, it is likely that you are already enrolled.  Select the course to continue.image of list of courses with arrow pointing to the correct course.


  5. Select the Enroll in Course button.Course tile with Enroll button circled in red


  6. You will see a notification that you have been successfully enrolled.  Select OK to continue.dialog box indicating enrollment success


  7. You can now open the course. To locate the course in the future, look in the Discover tab in the My Courses Widget on your D2L homepage.  The course consists of one item, an assignment.  To check your paper, submit it to this assignment and wait until a Turnitin Similarity report is returned (usually within 20 - minutes).D2L home page with Discover tab of My Courses widget circled in red



To view your Turnitin Originality score and sources click here.

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