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1. Submit:  Turn assignments into an assignment folder (dropbox)

Submit files to an Assignment folder (dropbox) to be evaluated.

Note: You will not be able to submit if using special characters in the name of the file you are attempting to upload. For the best chance at success use only letters, numbers and spaces.The specific list of characters that D2L will reject is: < > : " / \ | ? *​

Note: You must click the Submit button to successfully submit the files. Frequently students go through all the steps and close the browser before clicking the Submit button.

  1. Click on Assignments in the navbar.Image of navbar with assignments circled
  2. Click the name of the assignment to which you want to submit a file.
  3. Click the Add a File button.
  4. Either click on the Upload button to navigate to the file on your computer or drag and drop the file into the target area.
  5. Once the file has been added, click the Add button.
  6. You can add additional files be repeating steps 3 - 4 above.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. A confirmation window appears, verifying that you have successfully submitted the file(s) and confirming that an email receipt has been sent.
  9. Click Done.
  10. Verify that the file was submitted by returning to assignments and make sure that there is not a 0 in the submissions column for the assignment.  If there is, then you did not successfully submit the file.



2. Submit:  Create audio files in assignment folder

Create an audio file to submit to an Assignment folder.

  1. Click the name of the assignment to which you want to create and submit an audio file.
  2. Click the Record Audio button.Assignment Audio button


  3. If you get a pop up asking to allow to access your microphone, select Allow.
  4. Click the New Recording button.Recording screen with the New Recording button circled


  5. When finished recording click Stop Recording.  Preview the recording if you wish.Image of recording screen with the Stop Recording button circled


  6. Click Add.
  7. Enter a description.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Click Submit.

3. Submit:  Create video files in assignment folder

Create a video file to submit to an Assignment folder.

Assignment video
  1. Click the name of the assignment to which you want to create and submit a video file.
  2. Click the Record Video button.
  3. If you get a pop up asking to give flash access to your camera and microphone, select Allow and Remember.
  4. Click the New Recording button.image of recording window with New Recording button circled


  5. After finishing, click the Stop Recording button again to stop recording.image of recording video with the Stop Recording button circled


  6. Click the Add button.
  7. Add a title and description and click the Add button.
  8. Click Submit.

4. View:  View feedback on submitted assignments

After turned in assignments have been graded, view feedback from the instructor.

  1. Click on Assignments in the navbar.
  2. Click on the View link in the Feedback column of the assignment. Screenshot of Assignments page with feedback link circled.


  3. The score and any feedback the instructor gave is listed in the Feedback section of the page.
  4. Click Done to exit the Feedback page.



5. Tips and Troubleshooting: Submitting assignments

Having trouble uploading Assignments?

 General Issues

  • Do you have any special characters such as \ / : * ? " < > | ~ # % & + { } in the file name? D2L does not accept those characters and will prevent the file from uploading. Try renaming the file.
  • How long is the file name? We recommend that you keep the file name under 45 characters.
  • Are there any leading or trailing spaces in the file name? Delete any leading or trailing spaces.
  • Are there one or two periods before the file extension (for example ..doc)? There should be only one.
  • Does the file have a valid file extension (such as .doc, .docx, .pdf)? 
  • Word documents often save two files, one is the document file: assignment.docx and the other is a temporary file: ~$assignment.docx. Ensure you are uploading the actual document and not the temporary file, as the temporary file will not open and contains no data.
  • "Field is required" error. This error message appears when you click Add before your file has completely uploaded. Wait until the green loading bar on your file name has completed loading, and then click Add.Screenshot of Assignments page with feedback link circled.

 File size

  • The maximum file size which can be uploaded in D2L is 1GB per file. Audio, video, and media rich PowerPoint presentations can result in large files.
  • File size can be reduced if there are images in the file by reducing the resolution or size of the images.
  • If there are many pages in the file, split the document into two files, Part A pages 1-10, and Part B pages 11 - 21.

 Internet Connection

  • Files are uploaded in D2L in 10MB chunks and times out if a 10MB chunk takes longer than 2 minutes to upload. It may appear that your file is continuing to upload after the two minutes, however it is not.
  • Your upload speed is dependent on your internet connection.
  • We recommend uploading from a wired connection rather than wireless whenever possible.
  • To check your internet speed go to and select Go.

    Note: When submitting an assignment in D2L, it is imperative to allow enough time for the file to upload. If your file does not finish uploading before the end date deadline for the assignment, your file will not be submitted. Do not wait until the last minute to upload your file.


  • We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.
  • If your browser is being unresponsive, you may need to clear your cache. Browser specific steps are detailed here:
  • Switch to a different browser.

If you have tried these things and continue to experience problems, contact the D2L team.


6. View:  View Turnitin Originality score and sources

How to view Turnitin Originality score and sources.

  1. Click on Assignments in the navbar.
  2. Click on the Submission, File link in the Completion Status column of the assignment. Screenshot of Assignments page with submission link circled.


  3. The Turnitin Similarity score is listed in the Turnitin Similarity column on the page.
  4. Click the Score box to open the Feedback Studio page for more detail on the score. Screenshot of Assignments page with arrow to originality score.


  5. In the Feedback Studio, click the Turnitin Similarity score box on the right to expand the Match Overview. Screenshot of Feedback Studio page with arrow to originality score.


  6. In the Match Overview, click the match source to expand details and where the match is located in your assignment. Screenshot of specific score with arrows to source information and location in file.





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