Students: Clicker Tips and FAQs

1. Tips

Learn helpful tips on use of clickers on the UA campus.

  • Supported clicker models here at the UofA are the QT, and QT2. Here are different Quick Start guides for these models: QT2 (Quick Start Guide) | QT (Quick Start Guide)
  • Upon purchasing your clicker, to activate the batteries you need to pull out the clear plastic tab on the back of your clicker to “activate” the batteries.
  • Carry extra “AAA” batteries with you to class. The clickers do not have on/off buttons so they just go to sleep after no activity. However, any push of a button will wake it up. So when it is in your backpack getting pressed up against books and other things it likely will turn on therefore draining the battery faster. Always carry extra batteries in case they go bad during class.
  • Make sure you are on the correct channel for your class. To change the channel, press the Channel button, enter in the channel number, then press OK button.
  • Make sure that when answering a question in class you aren’t in “Message” mode. You will know you are in the “Message” mode as it will say “Send Message” at the top of the clicker display screen. To exit “Message” mode press the Back button twice.
  • If your channel becomes locked (you will see a lock icon near the channel display in the upper left corner) you will need to unlock it. To unlock the channel, press the Channel button, followed by the Shift button twice, then the Channel button again. (Channel + Shift + Shift + Channel)

2. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn answers from some of the more frequently asked questions regarding clickers.

I purchased a clicker from the bookstore but where is my subscription code?

The subscription code was on a small card that was taped to your clicker when you pulled it out of the box. It is normally a 10 digit code consisting of both letters and numbers. 

I accidentally threw the card with my subscription code on it away. What do I do now?

You can call Turning Technologies support line at 1.866.746.3015 and see if they can give you a new one. You will likely need proof that you just purchased the clicker from the Bookstore.

How much is a subscription from Turning Technologies?

Turning Technology Subscription Prices
(Current Prices as of August 2021)  
Length of Subscription Price ($)                      
One Term 17.99
One Year 24.99
Two Year 35.99
Three Year 41.99
Five Year 48.99

To purchase a subscription, follow instructions at

Where do I find the Clicker ID?

The Clicker ID is located on the back of your clicker device. It is normally a 6 digit code.

A friend gave me their clicker to use or I bought a used one online. What do I need to do to register my clicker?

You need to get your clicker fully registered. To do this follow the instructions at

I’ve been in class and have answered the questions with my clicker but I’m not receiving points or a grade. Why?

There could be several causes for this:

  • You haven’t successfully registered you clicker ID, activated a subscription license, or connected to Brightspace LMS.
  • You were on the wrong channel on your clicker for the class session.
  • You were in “Message/Chat” mode when responding.
  • It could be that the instructor doesn’t have an up-to-date class participant list if you have just recently registered your clicker.
  • You are using a clicker that you haven’t registered to your name. Make sure the clicker ID you registered matches the clicker ID you are using in class.

My clicker won’t come on when I press the buttons. Why?

The batteries might be bad. Replace the batteries and see if that fixes it.

Have you removed the clear plastic tab from the back of the clicker to activate the battery?

If neither of those fixes the issue then call Turning Technologies support at 1.866.746.3015 and get their assistance.

I registered my clicker properly a few years ago and have used it successfully for the past few years. I tried using it in class this semester and I’m not receiving credit for my responses. My teacher says I’m not fully registered. Why is that? I have used it just fine the past few years.

It is likely that your previous subscription license has expired. You will need to purchase a new subscription from Turning Technologies. 


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