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Panopto is a video recording and streaming tool on campus that faculty use to manage videos in a course, to record lectures or lab demos, or to live stream events. If instructors allow it can also be used by students to create a Panopto video to post in a Panopto assignments folder for the instructor to review and grade. 

For student support related to Panopto please call the 24/7 IT Help Desk at (520) 626-TECH

1. Access Panopto via D2L

Learn how to access Panopto via D2L to view Panopto videos for your course.

To access Panopto you will need to be inside a course within D2L. 

  1. Log in to D2L by going to and enter your UA NetID and password
  2. Access the course you plan to use with Panopto by clicking on the course under My Courses. In this example I am accessing my "Josh Butcher Placespace" course. My Courses


  3. Click the UA Tools drop down menu on your course navbar and select PanoptoUA Tools Panopto


  4. In a new browser tab you will then be in the Panopto web interface within that course Panopto folder. In this example I am within the "2017 Playspace - Josh Butcher Playspace" folder.Panopto Course Folder



2. View Panopto Videos in Web Interface

Learn how to view course related Panopto videos in the web interface.

Once you are within the Panopto web interface and in a course folder you will see all the videos that have been posted to that folder. From here you can view any of those videos listed. 

  1. Find the video that you would like to view and click on the thumbnail picture or click on the video title link to open up the video in the Panopto viewer layout.Panopto Course Folder Student View


  2. The video will open in the Panopto viewer layout in a new browser tab as seen below. For more detailed instructions on what all you can do within the Panopto viewer layout visit Panopto's support documentation on "View a Video".  Panopto Viewer


  3. When you are done viewing the video just close that browser tab and you will be taken back to the listing of videos within the Panopto web interface.  

3. View Panopto Videos Embedded in D2L Content

Learn how to view Panopto videos that your instructor has embedded directly into a D2L content module.

Sometimes your instructor may embed the Panopto videos directly into the D2L course content modules. If this is the case follow the instructions below to view those videos.

  1. Log in to D2L by going to and enter your UA NetID and password
  2. Access the course you plan to use with Panopto by clicking on the course under My Courses.
  3. Click on the Content menu link in the navbar at the top.D2L Content Link


  4. In one of the content modules find the link to the video that your instructor wants you to view. In this example the video link is labeled "Panopto Embedded Video". Click the video linkEmbedded Video Link in D2L Content Module


  5. The video will then appear embedded on the page. Click the Play button in the middle of the video to view the video. Panopto Embedded Video in D2L



4. Create Panopto Videos to Post in Assignments Folder

Learn how to create a Panopto video and post it within the assignments folder in the Panopto web interface.

Sometimes your instructor might want you to create a Panopto video and post it to a specific assignments folder within Panopto for them to review and grade. The instructions below will take you through that process. 

  1. Access Panopto from your D2L course by clicking on the UA Tools menu link in your course and choosing Panopto.UA Tools Panopto
  2. From within the Panopto web interface click on the Create button and choose Record a new sessionCreate Button


  3. If you have the Panopto Recorder downloaded then choose Open Panopto Recorder. If you don't have the Panopto Recorder downloaded then choose Download Panopto. To download and install the Panopto Recorder follow instructions from Panopto's support documentation at Install Panopto for Windows or Install Panopto for Mac.Open Panopto Recorder


  4. The Panopto Recorder will then launch. Click the folder dropdown menu to locate the course assignment folder, which will contain the tag "[assignments]" in the title. If you don't see the assignments folder here you may need to expand the course folder. In the Name field you can name the title for your video. By default it is the current date and time. 
    1. Primary Sources
      1. Video - This will record a video camera feed if you have a video camera connected to your computer.
      2. Audio - This will record audio from a microphone that is connected to your computer. You MUST have an audio source chosen from your primary sources. Panopto uses this audio source as a baseline to sync all other sources to.
      3. Quality - Sets the quality of your primary video source. We recommend setting this at HIGH.
    2. Secondary Sources
      1. Capture PowerPoint - This will capture still images of your PowerPoint slides and create a table of contents for your video from your PowerPoint slides. This option does NOT capture PowerPoint animation or embedded videos that you may have in your presentation. If you have animation or embedded video in your PowerPoint presentation then you will want to choose to capture the main screen.
      2. Capture Main Screen - This will capture anything that happens on your desktop screen as a screencast.
      3. Capture Second Screen (if applicable) - You may see an option to capture second if you have multiple displays connected to your computer. In this example there are two monitors connected to the computer so you are seeing that option here. It will record anything that happens on the second screen as a screencast.  
  5. When you are ready to record click the red Record button.Panopto Recorder Interface


  6. When you are done recording click the Stop button.Stop button
  7. Click the Done button to upload your recording, or if you aren't happy with the recording you can Delete and Record Again
     Recording Complete


  8. The video will then be automatically uploaded to the assignments folder in Panopto for your instructor to review. You can go to the assignment folder within Panopto to view your uploaded video. If you don't like what you uploaded you can delete the video from the assignments folder and re-record another video. Once your video is up in the Panopto assignment folder it is not set in stone. You can view, edit, or delete your video. 

Submitting Your Panopto Video to a D2L Assignment Folder     

If your instructor requires you to also submit your Panopto video into the assignments folder within your D2L course you can follow the instructions below to do that. 

  1. Within your D2L course, access the assignments area by clicking on the Assignment button in the menu navigation bar. Assignments button


  2. Click on the assignment topic that requires a submission. Assignments folder link


  3. Click on the Insert Stuff button.Insert Stuff button 
  4. Scroll down and click the Panopto icon. Panopto button


  5. In the drop-down box make sure your Panopto course assignment folder is chosen. Panopto Assignments folder


  6. Select your Panopto video you need to submit and click the Insert button in the lower right (you may need to scroll down to see the insert button). Select Video and Insert Button


  7. Click Insert button again. Insert Button


  8. Click the Submit button.Submit Button 
  9. Click the Done button.Done Button



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