Tutorials and Explorations

The D2L Consulting Team provides a number of resources to help you develop a deeper understanding of the D2L system and how you can leverage it to enhance learning in your courses. We offer mini-courses and explorations.

Courses: We have created a number of self-paced, mini-courses that provide information, instructions, and best practices on selected topics. You'll find a complete description of these as well as directions to get started, using the link Take a Tutorial. You can spend several hours in a course, completing every module, or you can spend just a few minutes learning about one specific aspect of D2L in depth.  

Explorations: Our D2L Explorations are short tutorials designed to give you quick, detailed information about various D2L concepts that can often be misunderstood. Open them to find a visual overview and sometimes hands-on simulations of the topic you are exploring. Explorations focus more on how D2L works than the step-by-step process of creating D2L content.