Students: Participate In Discussions

1. Create: Your Discussion Thread

Directions for creating a new Discussion thread.

  1. Click on Discussions in the navbar.Navigation bar with Discussions circled


  2. Locate and click on the discussion topic to which you want to post.LIst of available topics with a topic circled


  3. Click the Start a New Thread button.Discussion topic with the start a new thread button circuled


  4. Enter a Subject for your thread.
  5. Enter the content of your thread.
  6. Click the Post button.Write a post page with subject, content area and post button circuled


Note: To avoid inadvertent data loss, it is highly suggested to first compose your discussion entries in a WORD document, then cut and paste your entry into the discussion window, then post.


2. Create: Reply to Others

Directions for creating a Discussion reply.

  1. Click on Discussions in the navbar.Navigation bar with discussions circled


  2. Locate the discussion topic and click on it.List of opics with one topic circled


  3. Click on an existing thread in the discussion topic.a thread in a topic, circled


  4. Read the thread, to reply click on the Reply to Thread button.discussion post with reply button circled
  5. Enter your reply in the box.
  6. Click the Post button.Thread with reply box and post button circled



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