Instructor: Quizzes

The Quizzes help pages are structured into three categories: Essentials, Advanced, and Troubleshooting (see topics listed under Quizzes on the menu to the left). Essential topics are the fundamentals that an instructor needs to know and use to build a basic quiz. Advanced topics go into more depth and detail. Advanced topics assume familiarity and understanding of the essential topics. Troubleshooting...well, that category speaks for itself.

Note: Under essentials are two subcategories: questions and quizzes. That's because the Quizzes tool is two tools in one. It contains a Question Library, where you build and store questions that you can import into any quiz, survey, or self-assessment, and a Quizzes page where you build and administer your quizzes. 

Access Quizzes by clicking on the link in the Course Navigation Bar.

location of quizzes tab in the course navigation bar

Once in the Quizzes tool, access the Question Library by clicking on the tab.

Question Library tab