Gradescope allows students to submit work online or on paper and receive extensive feedback from their instructor.

1. Access Gradescope from Your Course

Learn where to find a link to Gradescope if your instructor uses it in your course.

Your instructor will create a link to the Gradescope course that corresponds with your D2L Brightspace course.

  1. Open the Content Tool.
  2. Find the Gradescope topic.  If you can’t find the link following your instructor’s directions, use the Search box to find it.shows the search box at the top left of the D2L Content Tool
  3. When you locate the Topic in content, select the Topic Name which will open the correct Gradescope course.shows the Gradescope link created in a D2L course
  4. Select the Assignment or Exam on the Gradecope course page and continue to complete it or view your score and feedback on previously submitted assignments and exams.example of a course in Gradescope



2. Using Gradescope in Your Course

Use the following resources to use Gradescope successfully in your course.

  1. Submitting an Assignment or Exam
  2. Adding Group Members

    If your instructor has allowed it, you can add group members to your submission.
  3. Viewing Your Submission
  4. Submit a Regrade Request

    If your instructor has allowed it, you can submit Regrade Requests for questions you feel were graded incorrectly.

  5. Troubleshooting Submission Upload Issues

    Troubles uploading?  Use this guide to help you diagnose the issue and find a solution.

  6. Gradescope Student Center

    Find all the help articles related to student use of Gradescope.


3. Setting Your Gradescope Password

Set your Gradescope password to access Gradescope independently of your course.

To sign in to your Gradescope account without using a link from a D2L course, you'll need to first set a password for your Gradescope account.

Note: You'll only need to use a password when signing in with the mobile app or at the web site.  If you access Gradescope through your course, you do not need to set a password.

  1. Go to your course that is using Gradescope and select the link to open Gradescope in Content.
  2. Select Accounts button in the lower left of the Gradescope screen and choose Edit Account.Screenshot of Accounts button and the location of the Edit Settings option
  3. Now set a password by typing it in twice on the appropriate lines.  Note that the password must be a minimum of 12 characters.screenshot showing the two spots on the Edit Account page to type in the the new password


  4. Now save the changes.

  5. When you sign in to Gradescope using the mobile app, you'll use your UA email address and this password.


4. Gradescope Mobile App

Use the Gradescope mobile app to submit assignments and review grades.

You can use the Gradescope mobile app to scan in your written work and submit it to the proper Gradescope assignment with just a few clicks on your phone.  The app is available for both iOS (App Store) and Android devices (Google Play).

NOTE:  In order to sign in to the Gradescope mobile app, you'll need to set a password for your account.  Click here to learn how.